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The founder, the king, the old but steady.  They always make a big deal that it’s 100% made in the cloud, which as we know isn’t really that big of a deal anymore, but you have to give them credit for being the first to do that.  Again, they are the industry leader for a reason.  Salesforce really is a solution that connects all of your data in almost countless ways.

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Salesforce is still, if you have the $$$ one of the best in the industry. But that comes with some caveats, one - it is pricey. Two, if you aren't a bigger company, you probably don't need all of those bells and whistles. It's super robust and probably has the best support out of any CRM. It's been tried and tested by some of the world's largest companies so you know what you are getting. I will say this though, it's not always the most intuitive system. If you have the budget and can't decide you can't go wrong with Salesforce.

  • Tech Support is among the best
  • Large community of folks using it
  • Been around for years
  • Very good integrations
  • Very Expensive
  • Not easy to use
  • Need to be a huge company to make it work
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