Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Often overlooked, Microsoft Dynamics is one of, if not the best high end CRM software suites available on the market. It has everything you need, the only problem is that you are paying for it all, yet it’s still cheaper than those other programs. You should check it out.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Listen, if you have the money or you are a medium-sized business or just a small business that's crushing it. Microsoft Dynamics is pretty amazing. We typically only review the lower cost CRMs because, well, even we can't afford the top of the shelf systems but Dynamics is pretty amazing. If you really want to personalize your whole buyer experience, then you should really look into this suite.

  • Amazingly simple for a very complex system
  • Looks great
  • Integrates with Office 365 (yea Outlook!)
  • Event management is awesome
  • Starts at $115 a month
  • Retail Services starts at like $170 (yikes)
  • Marketing to customers are sold in 'packs' starting at $250 for 5,000 contacts
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